Security by Design

Let Your Business Control Your Data

Keep all media and signal communication within your network.


Ensure your real-time video meetings are running in your secure network. Choose to deploy on-premise, hybrid, or on your chosen public cloud provider.

Gain Valuable Insights from Your Data

Vidyo is secure by design: we store tenant data in a separate silo that is only available to your business admins. We do not monetise your data by selling it to 3rd parties.


Only your admins have access to your video conferencing data. At the same time, you can gather call information to run your own analytics & BI software to gain valuable insights from your business communication.

Customisation & Branding

Present your brand to employees and clients even when doing video meetings. Vidyo offers extensive customisation and can be rebranded to fit your business vision.


  • Represent your brand and culture
  • Offer choice & flexiblity of features to fit your business case
  • Highly scalable, secure and private
  • Build specific features our customers request

User Authentification Tools

We integrate with most known authentification methods such as OKTA & LDAP.
We can integrate with different platform used by most of our customers.


Maximise your investment by connecting your single authentication platform to Vidyo.

Trial video collaboration for free

In a time when travel is to be avoided and remote working is the new norm.  Enghouse are providing temporary free licences of our cloud-based video collaboration platform: Vidyo – at no cost to your organisation.

Working with a robust, enterprise-grade video communication platform can offer even the largest organisations the flexibility to continue operating from nearly anywhere for extended periods of time. The platform can provide good quality video to support both customers and employees even on low-bandwidth connections like 3G.

Security starts with sound processes. Vidyo maintains an information security governance policy that controls the way the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information is handled, thereby preventing misuse and malicious damage that could impact Vidyo operations and ultimately our customers and partners.

Sign up for a no-obligation free temporary video licence, at no cost to your organisation by completing the form.

*Download full terms and conditions here


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