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Get 2021 off to a flying start by test driving our unique multichannel contact centre solutions which are scalable in deployment, size, complexity and integration. Boost agent productivity and accelerate customer experience to a new level.

Digitisation adoption grew at a tremendous rate in 2020 due to the pandemic. But organisations need to take a step back and re-evaluate the rapid changes to digital transformation made during lockdown to ensure that they stand the test of time, by designing and building the ideal contact centre strategy to support the ‘hybrid way of working’ as we move through 2021.

Try any of the Enghouse solutions listed below with this 30-day free trial, or if you are not ready to start the trial, request a demo of the solution.  Make sure you have all the right tools in place and kick 2021 off to a flying start!

Enghouse Communications Center

If you are mid-sized organisation, looking for a modular, flexible and low cost all-in-one multimedia contact centre solution, Communications Center (CC) is perfectly suited to voice or multimedia contact centres of 10 – 250 agents. This can be connected across multiple locations and PBXs, including Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Avaya and NEC.

Begin your 30-day free trial with the foundation of the Communications Center platform and add functionality as your needs dictate, with any of our other modules listed below.

It’s free for 30 days and you can include up to 10 of your agents*. 

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Deliver a personalised experience

There are an array of additional applications which can be simply configured to help dramatically improve operations, delivering personalised customer experience on your channels of choice.

Try something simple like Call-Back, or have visibility through Snapshot of your call centre. Try a new media channel such as email, web-chat or, video to build your omnichannel strategy.

Take a look below and choose which module(s) you would, to give your agents the tools they need to respond to customers in their channel of choice.


Callers can request automatic call back while retaining their position in the queue. Agents can handle callbacks as queued interactions.

Workforce Scheduler

Allow agents to handle and manage all supported media types through the existing voice interaction application – Email, Web-chat.


With Survey, you can capture feedback from customers that interact with your agents regardless of how they contact you.

CRM Integration

Offer faster and more personalised service as agents have the caller’s details and history available when they answer the call.

Snapshot Wallboard

Simplify the monitoring of your contact centre and agents performance to allow issues to be addressed before they impact on customer service.


Allow agents to handle and manage all supported media types through the existing voice interaction application. Email, Web-chat, Video, Web call-back, SMS.

Call Recording & Quality Management Suite

Multi-channel recording improves customer service, enhances employee productivity, resolves disputes, meets compliance obligations, and increases security by capturing and utilizing recorded customer interactions across voice, email, chat and other channels.

Begin the 30-day trial as a standalone product or in conjunction with our flagship product Communications Center.

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Operator Console for Microsoft Teams

Enhance your callers’ frontline experience with a fully integrated Enghouse-Teams solution

Enghouse’s advanced call-handling capabilities matched with Microsoft Teams’ outstanding collaboration options ensure your callers are always assisted in a timely and efficient manner. Microsoft Teams’ native messaging and presence help Operators to effortlessly engage back-office assistance to deliver each call to the best destination available.

Click the button below to find out more about Operator Console, request your 30-day free trial or request a demo.*


Proteus Call Analytics

Proteus call analytics provides business analysis tools focused on interpreting the complex usage and costs associated with their communications and collaboration platforms. It achieves this using fully customisable dashboards and a comprehensive set of reporting features.

Also available for Microsoft Teams.

Business Intelligence for MS Teams

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Stay Connected – Turn on Vidyo

In a time when travel is to be avoided and remote working is the new norm.  Enghouse are providing temporary free licences of our cloud-based video collaboration platform: Vidyo – at no cost to your organisation.

Working with a robust, enterprise-grade video communication platform can offer even the largest organisations the flexibility to continue operating from nearly anywhere for extended periods of time. The platform can provide good quality video to support both customers and employees even on low-bandwidth connections like 3G.

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Get 2021 off to a Flying Start with our 30-day free trial

If you are an existing Enghouse customer, you can now add additional functionality to your existing contact centre environment, to deliver a more personalised experience by responding to your customers needs in their channel of choice. (Please Note: Some of the modules require the latest version of Communications Center.)

If you are new to Enghouse, then try any of our solutions. They can be connected across multiple locations and PBXs, including Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Avaya and NEC. It will be an ideal way to try before you buy to see if it suits your needs.  Add any of the modules for a full multi-channel contact centre solution experience.

We are also offering a free demo for any of our solutions listed, if you would like to see it in action before you decide to go on the 30-day free trial.

Just complete the form and let us know what you requirements are and we will be in touch.

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